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पराधृ m. parAdhR second part
पराधृ m. parAdhR latter part
परद्रोह m. paradroha injuring another
पराददृशे verb parAdadRze { parAdRz } behold
पराददृशे verb parAdadRze { parAdRz } perceive
परद्रव्य n. paradravya another's property
परद्रोहिन् adj. paradrohin tyrannizing over another
पारदृश्वन् adj. pAradRzvan far-seeing
पारदृश्वन् adj. pAradRzvan proficient
पारदृश्वन् adj. pAradRzvan one who has seen the opposite shore
पारदृश्वन् adj. pAradRzvan wise
पारदृश्वन् adj. pAradRzvan completely familiar with or versed in
पराद्रवति verb parAdravati { parAdru } run away
पराद्रवति verb parAdravati { parAdru } flee
पराद्रवति verb parAdravati { parAdru } escape
परद्रोहकर्मधी adj. paradrohakarmadhI injuring another in deed or thought
परद्रव्यापहारक adj. paradravyApahAraka robbing another's property
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