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पराधृ m. parAdhR second part
पराधृ m. parAdhR latter part
पराददृशे verb parAdadRze { parAdRz } perceive
पराददृशे verb parAdadRze { parAdRz } behold
पारदृश्वन् adj. pAradRzvan wise
पारदृश्वन् adj. pAradRzvan one who has seen the opposite shore
पारदृश्वन् adj. pAradRzvan proficient
पारदृश्वन् adj. pAradRzvan far-seeing
पारदृश्वन् adj. pAradRzvan completely familiar with or versed in
पराद्रवति verb parAdravati { parAdru } run away
पराद्रवति verb parAdravati { parAdru } flee
पराद्रवति verb parAdravati { parAdru } escape
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