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पराग m. parAga pollen of a flower
अपर-परागण n. apara-parAgaNa cross-pollination [Bot.]
पारग adj. pAraga crossing over
पारग adj. pAraga knowing thoroughly
पारग adj. pAraga one who has gone through or accomplished or mastered
पारग adj. pAraga fully conversant or familiar with
पारग adj. pAraga profoundly learned
पारग adj. pAraga going to the opposite shore
पराग m. parAga dust
पराग m. parAga sandal
पराग m. parAga eclipse of the sun or moon
पराग m. parAga fame
पराग m. parAga fragrant powder used after bathing
पराग m. parAga celebrity
पराग m. parAga independence
पारग n. pAraga keeping
पारग n. pAraga fulfilling
परागम m. parAgama arrival or attack of an enemy
पारगत adj. pAragata pure
परगत adj. paragata being with or relating to another
पारगत adj. pAragata holy
पारगत adj. pAragata one who has reached the opposite shore of
पारगत adj. pAragata passed over in safety
पारगत m. pAragata arhat or deified saint or teacher
परागत ppp. parAgata returned
पारगति f. pAragati going through
पारगति f. pAragati reading
पारगति f. pAragati studying
परागगिन् adj. parAgagin laden or covered with pollen
पारगामिन् adj. pAragAmin passing over
पारगामिन् adj. pAragAmin crossing
पारगामिन् adj. pAragAmin landing
परागवत् adj. parAgavat laden or covered with pollen
परागगम m. parAgagama approach or invasion
परागगम m. parAgagama arrival
परागगत adj. parAgagata come
परागगत adj. parAgagata covered with
परागगत adj. parAgagata deceased
परागगत adj. parAgagata full of
परागगत adj. parAgagata arrived
परागगत adj. parAgagata gone
परागजय m. parAgajaya desertion
परागजय m. parAgajaya loss
परागजय m. parAgajaya being deprived of or conquered
परागजय m. parAgajaya turning away from
परागजय m. parAgajaya conquest
परागजय m. parAgajaya victory
परागजय m. parAgajaya defeat
परागजित adj. parAgajita conquered
परागजित adj. parAgajita defeated
परागजित adj. parAgajita overthrown
परागजित adj. parAgajita cast
परागजित adj. parAgajita condemned by law
पारगमन n. pAragamana going to the end of
पारगमन n. pAragamana reaching the opposite shore
पारगमन n. pAragamana crossing
पराजिगाति verb parAjigAti { parAgA } escape
पराजिगाति verb parAjigAti { parAgA } go away
पराजिगाति verb parAjigAti { parAgA } fly
परागजिष्णु adj. parAgajiSNu succumbing
परागजिष्णु adj. parAgajiSNu triumphant
परागजिष्णु adj. parAgajiSNu victorious
परागजिष्णु adj. parAgajiSNu conquered
परागपुष्प m. parAgapuSpa species of Kadamba
पराघातन n. parAghAtana place of execution
पराघातन n. parAghAtana slaughter-house
परागच्छति verb parAgacchati { parAgam } depart
परागच्छति verb parAgacchati { parAgam } die
परागच्छति verb parAgacchati { parAgam } go away
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