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परापुर् f. parApur great body
परपूर्वा f. parapUrvA woman who has had a former husband
परपुष्ट adj. parapuSTa nourished by another or a stranger
परपुष्टा f. parapuSTA female cuckoo
परपुष्ट m. parapuSTa harlot
परपुष्ट m. parapuSTa Kokila or Indian cuckoo
परपुष्ट m. parapuSTa parasitical plant
परःपुंसा f. paraHpuMsA dissatisfied with her husband
परापुनाति verb parApunAti { parApU } cleanse away
परापुनाति verb parApunAti { parApU } purify
परपुरुष m. parapuruSa Supreme Spirit
परपुरुष m. parapuruSa husband of another woman
परपूरुष m. parapUruSa husband of another woman
परःपुरुष adj. paraHpuruSa higher than a man
परपूर्वत्व n. parapUrvatva state of preceding that which ought to follow on
परपुरञ्जय adj. parapuraJjaya conquering an enemy's city
परपूर्वापति m. parapUrvApati her husband
परपुष्टमय adj. parapuSTamaya being a cuckoo
परपुरप्रवेश m. parapurapraveza entering an enemy's city
परपुरप्रवेश m. parapurapraveza sAMkhyas
परपुष्टमहोत्सव m. parapuSTamahotsava cuckoo's great feast
परपुष्टमहोत्सव m. parapuSTamahotsava mango tree
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