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पारपत्र n. pArapatra passport
परापातुक adj. parApAtuka abortive
पराप adj. parApa whence water has retired
परपद n. parapada final emancipation
परपद n. parapada highest position
परपाक m. parapAka another's food or meal
परापर adj. parApara prior and posterior
परापर adj. parApara better and worse
परापर adj. parApara remote and proximate
परापर adj. parApara earlier and later
परापर adj. parApara higher and lower
पारापार m. pArApAra ocean
पारापार m. pArApAra sea
पारापार n. pArApAra nearer and the further shore
परापर n. parApara community of properties in a small class under the larger or generic
परापर n. parApara species or class between the genus and individual
परापर n. parApara Phalsa tree [Grewia Asiatica - Bot.]
पारापार n. pArApAra both banks
पारापत m. pArApata pigeon
परपक्ष m. parapakSa other side
परपक्ष m. parapakSa enemy
परपक्ष m. parapakSa hostile party
परापातम् ind. parApAtam flying away
परापातिन् adj. parApAtin flying off
परापातिन् adj. parApAtin getting loose
परपत्नी f. parapatnI wife of another or of a stranger
परपराक m. paraparAka immolating an animal at a sacrifice
परापरता f. parAparatA absolute and relative state
परापरता f. parAparatA higher and lower degree
परापरता f. parAparatA priority and posteriority
परापरता f. parAparatA state of being both a genus and a species
परापरेश m. parApareza lord of the remote and property
परपरीण adj. paraparINa hereditary
परपरीण adj. paraparINa traditional
परपरित adj. paraparita continuous
परपरित adj. paraparita forming an uninterrupted series
पारापतक m. pArApataka kind of rice
परापतति verb parApatati { parApat } escape
परापतति verb parApatati { parApat } fly or rush along
परापतति verb parApatati { parApat } depart
परापतति verb parApatati { parApat } fly towards
परापतति verb parApatati { parApat } fall out
परापतति verb parApatati { parApat } approach
परापतति verb parApatati { parApat } fail
परापतति verb parApatati { parApat } arrive
परापतति verb parApatati { parApat } fly away or past
परापतति verb parApatati { parApat } be missing
परापातुक adj. parApAtuka miscarrying
परापवन n. parApavana cleansing away
परापवन n. parApavana removing by purification
परापरैतृ adj. parAparaitR going after another
परापरैतृ adj. parAparaitR going in a line
परापरज्ञ adj. parAparajJa knowing what is remote and proximate
परापरत्व n. parAparatva higher and lower degree
परापरत्व n. parAparatva priority and posteriority
परापरत्व n. parAparatva state of being both a genus and a species
परापरत्व n. parAparatva absolute and relative state
परापश्यति verb parApazyati { parApaz } look far off
परापश्यति verb parApazyati { parApaz } see or perceive
परपाकरत m. parapAkarata one who lives upon others but observes the due ceremonies
परपाकरुचि m. parapAkaruci constant guest at others' tables
परापरगुरु m. parAparaguru Guru of an intermediate class
पारापतपदी f. pArApatapadI Balloon plant [Cardiospermum Halicacabum - Bot.]
परापातयति verb caus. parApAtayati { parApat } drive away
परपरिभव m. paraparibhava humiliation or injury suffered from others
परपरिग्रह m. paraparigraha another's property
परपरिग्रह m. paraparigraha another's wife
परपाकनिर्वृत्त m. parapAkanirvRtta one who cooks his own food without observing a particular ceremony
परपाकोपभोजिन् adj. parapAkopabhojin eating another's or a stranger's food
परापरदृष्टार्थ adj. parAparadRSTArtha knowing the real nature of the remote and proximate
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