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परापर adj. parApara prior and posterior
परापर adj. parApara better and worse
परापर adj. parApara remote and proximate
परापर adj. parApara earlier and later
परापर adj. parApara higher and lower
पारापार m. pArApAra ocean
पारापार m. pArApAra sea
पारापार n. pArApAra nearer and the further shore
परापर n. parApara community of properties in a small class under the larger or generic
परापर n. parApara species or class between the genus and individual
परापर n. parApara Phalsa tree [Grewia Asiatica - Bot.]
पारापार n. pArApAra both banks
परपराक m. paraparAka immolating an animal at a sacrifice
परापरता f. parAparatA absolute and relative state
परापरता f. parAparatA higher and lower degree
परापरता f. parAparatA priority and posteriority
परापरता f. parAparatA state of being both a genus and a species
परापरैतृ adj. parAparaitR going after another
परापरैतृ adj. parAparaitR going in a line
परापरज्ञ adj. parAparajJa knowing what is remote and proximate
परापरत्व n. parAparatva higher and lower degree
परापरत्व n. parAparatva priority and posteriority
परापरत्व n. parAparatva state of being both a genus and a species
परापरत्व n. parAparatva absolute and relative state
परापरगुरु m. parAparaguru Guru of an intermediate class
परापरदृष्टार्थ adj. parAparadRSTArtha knowing the real nature of the remote and proximate
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