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परिणाह m. pariNAha contour
परिणाह m. pariNAha extent
परिणाहः बहु न्यूनः sent. pariNAhaH bahu nyUnaH Width is less.
परीणह् f. parINah enclosure or anything enclosed
परीणह् f. parINah receptacle or box belonging to a carriage
परीणाह m. parINAha width
परिणाह m. pariNAha width
परीणाह m. parINAha common land
परिणाह m. pariNAha breadth
परिणाह m. pariNAha compass
परिणाह m. pariNAha circumference of a circle
परीणाह m. parINAha circumference
परिणाह m. pariNAha circumference
परिणाह m. pariNAha periphery
परीणाह m. parINAha piece of common land encircling a village
परिणाहिन् adj. pariNAhin as large as
परिणाहिन् adj. pariNAhin having the extent of
पारिणाह्य n. pAriNAhya household furniture and utensils
पारिणह्य n. pAriNahya household furniture or utensils
परिणहन n. pariNahana binding or girding or wrapping round
परिणहन n. pariNahana covering
परिणहन n. pariNahana veiling
परिणाहवत् adj. pariNAhavat large
परिणह्यति verb pariNahyati { pariNah } bind round
परिणह्यति verb pariNahyati { pariNah } gird
परिणह्यति verb pariNahyati { pariNah } embrace
परिणह्यति verb pariNahyati { pariNah } surround
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