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परतन्त्र adj. paratantra dependent on
परतन्त्र adj. paratantra be slave of another
परतन्त्र n. paratantra dependence
पारतन्त्र्य n. pAratantrya dependence
परातट-प्रवाली f. parAtaTa-pravAlI barrier reef
परता f. paratA absoluteness
परता f. paratA being quite devoted to or intent upon
परता f. paratA highest degree
पारत m. pArata quicksilver
परतस् ind. paratas beyond
परतस् ind. paratas otherwise
परतस् ind. paratas above
पारतस् ind. pAratas beyond
परतस् ind. paratas differently
परतस् ind. paratas after
पारतस् ind. pAratas opposite the opposite bank or the further side
परतस् ind. paratas far off
परतस् ind. paratas afterwards
परतस् ind. paratas farther
परतस् ind. paratas behind
परतस् ind. paratas high above
परतम adj. paratama superlative and comparitive of para
परतर adj. paratara superlative and comparitive of para
परतल्प m. paratalpa another's wife
परातंस m. parAtaMsa being thrust or pushed aside
परातरम् ind. parAtaram further away
परतन्त्र adj. paratantra obedient
परतन्त्र adj. paratantra dependent on or subject to another
परतन्त्र adj. paratantra dependent on another
परतन्त्र n. paratantra dependence on another's will
परतन्त्र n. paratantra rule or formula for another rite
परतापन m. paratApana paining-foes
परतस्त्व n. paratastva being from elsewhere or without
परतःपोष adj. parataHpoSa receiving food from another
पारतल्पिक n. pAratalpika adultery
पारतन्त्र्य n. pAratantrya dependence on others
परतर्कक m. paratarkaka beggar
परतर्कुक m. paratarkuka beggar
परतन्त्रता f. paratantratA dependence on another's will
पारतन्त्रिक adj. pAratantrika belonging to or enjoined by the religious treatises of others
परतल्पगामिन् m. paratalpagAmin one who approaches another's wife
परतन्त्रीकृत adj. paratantrIkRta brought into another's power
परतन्त्रीकृत adj. paratantrIkRta ceded
परतन्त्रीकृत adj. paratantrIkRta made dependent
परतन्त्रीकृत adj. paratantrIkRta sold
परतन्त्र चल m. paratantra cala dependent variable
परतन्त्रदृष्टि adj. paratantradRSTi one who asserts the dependence of the will
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