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परिक्राम m. parikrAma revolver
परिक्रम m. parikrama loop [computer]
यावत्-परिक्रम m. yAvat-parikrama FOR loop [computer]
परिक्रम m. parikrama roaming about
परिक्रम m. parikrama medicine
परिक्रम m. parikrama series
परिक्रम m. parikrama order
परिक्रम m. parikrama succession
परिक्रम m. parikrama pervading
परिक्रम m. parikrama transition
परिक्रम m. parikrama circumambulating
परिक्रम m. parikrama remedy
परिक्रम m. parikrama walking through
परिक्रम m. parikrama following the course of a river down from its source to its mouth and then on the other bank up to its source again
परिक्रय m. parikraya hire
परिक्रय m. parikraya peace purchased with money
परिक्रय m. parikraya redemption
परिक्रय m. parikraya buying off
परिक्रय m. parikraya wages
परिक्रय m. parikraya giving up at the cost of
परिक्रम्य gerund parikramya having gone aloud
परिक्रान्त adj. parikrAnta walked round
परिक्रान्त adj. parikrAnta stepped upon
परिक्रान्त adj. parikrAnta trod
परिक्रान्त n. parikrAnta foot-steps
परिक्रान्त n. parikrAnta place stepped upon
परिक्रान्त n. parikrAnta traces
परिक्रान्त ppp. parikrAnta gone around
परिक्रान्ति f. parikrAnti moving round
परिक्रान्ति f. parikrAnti revolution
परिक्रमण n. parikramaNa walking or roaming about
परिक्रमण n. parikramaNa hike
परिक्रामति verb parikrAmati { parikram } outstrip
परिक्रामति verb parikrAmati { parikram } walk through
परिक्रामति verb parikrAmati { parikram } overtake
परिक्रामति verb parikrAmati { parikram } visit
परिक्रामति verb parikrAmati { parikram } step or walk round or about
परिक्रामति verb parikrAmati { parikram } go past
परिक्रामति verb parikrAmati { parikram } circumambulate
परिक्रामति verb parikrAmati { parikram } escape
परिक्रामति verb parikrAmati { parikram } roam over
परिक्रामति verb 1 parikrAmati { pari- kram } step around
परिक्रामति verb 1 parikrAmati { pari- kram } go around
परिक्रयण n. parikrayaNa hiring
परिक्रयण n. parikrayaNa engaging
परिक्रन्दति verb parikrandati { parikrand } cry or make a noise round about
परिक्रमसह m. parikramasaha goat
परिक्रमसह m. parikramasaha one who bears running about
परिक्रामितक n. parikrAmitaka walking about
परिचङ्क्रमति verb Intens. paricaGkramati { parikram } move or walk about perpetually
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