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पर्पट n. parpaTa pappadam
पर्पटी f. parpaTI crust [Med.]
पर्प n. parpa wheelchair
पर्प n. parpa young grass
पर्प n. parpa wheel-chair
पर्प n. parpa wheel chair
पर्प n. parpa house
पार्पर m. pArpara filament of the Kadama tree [Nauclea Cadamba - Bot.]
पार्पर m. pArpara ashes
पार्पर m. pArpara consumption or some other disease
पार्पर m. pArpara handful of rice
पर्परी f. parparI braid of hair
पर्पट m. parpaTa kind of thin cake made of rice or pease-meal and baked in grease
पर्पट m. parpaTa species of medicinal plant
पर्पटी f. parpaTI kind of fragrant earth
पर्पटी f. parpaTI red-colouring Oldenlandia [Oldenlandia - Bot.]
पर्पटी f. parpaTI thin crisp cake
पर्पति verb parpati { parp } go
पर्परीक m. parparIka fire
पर्परीक m. parparIka sun
पर्परीक m. parparIka tank or piece of water
पर्परीण m. parparINa vein of a leaf
पर्पटक m. parpaTaka species of medicinal plant
पर्पटकी f. parpaTakI same or some other med. plant
पर्फरीक m. parpharIka one who tears to pieces or fills
फर्फरीका f. pharpharIkA shoe
फर्फरीक m. pharpharIka palm of the hand with the fingers extended
फर्फरीक n. pharpharIka softness
फर्फरीक n. pharpharIka young shoot or branch
पर्पटद्रुम m. parpaTadruma kind of tree
फर्फरायते verb pharpharAyate { pharpharAya } dart to and fro
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