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त्रुटि m. truTi particle ??
बिन्दु m. bindu small particle
हा indecl. hA particle expressing pain
हा indecl. hA particle expressing grief
बत indecl. bata particle implying surprise
हा indecl. hA particle expressing dejection
मात्रा f. mAtrA particle
निपात m. nipAta particle
लव m. lava particle
लेश m. leza particle
कण m. kaNa particle
अव्यय n. avyaya particle
अहे ind. ahe a particle
चकार m. cakAra particle ca
शिखिकण m. zikhikaNa fire-particle
शिखिकण m. zikhikaNa fire-particle
अग्निकण m. agnikaNa fire-particle
अग्निकण m. agnikaNa fire-particle
कणिका f. kaNikA small particle
कणिक m. kaNika small particle
तिल m. tila small particle
अंशु m. aMzu small particle
कीला f. kIlA minute particle
कणा f. kaNA minute particle
कील m. kIla minute particle
अंशु m. aMzu minute particle
अग्निस्तोक m. agnistoka particle of fire
क्षुद्र n. kSudra particle of dust
तेजोमात्रा f. tejomAtrA particle of light
है ind. hai vocative particle
हे ind. he vocative particle
हला ind. halA vocative particle
रे ind. re vocative particle
हंहो ind. haMho vocative particle
क्षितिक्षोद m. kSitikSoda particle of earth
कण m. kaNa grain or particle
प्रतिषेध m. pratiSedha negative particle [Gramm.]
क्षितिकण m. kSitikaNa particle of earth
बिन्दु m. bindu detached particle
अणिमन् n. aNiman smallest particle
रे adverb re a vocative particle
कणिका f. kaNikA very small particle
अररे ind. arare a vocative particle
कणशस् ind. kaNazas in minute particles
अयि ind. ayi a vocative particle
अत्यूमशा ind. atyUmazA a particle of abuse
सलेशम् ind. salezam with every particle
अये ind. aye a vocative particle
कण m. kaNa any minute particle
अवदानीय n. avadAnIya particle or portion
सहेति adj. saheti with the particle iti
दृढगात्रिका f. dRDhagAtrikA having hard particles
उपमा f. upamA particle of comparison
क्षुद्र m. kSudra small particle of rice
उपमान n. upamAna particle of comparison
शर्करावत् adj. zarkarAvat full of stony particles
कट् ind. kaT particle of exclamation
खुम् ind. khum particle of exclamation
कथम् ind. katham with the particles cana
देवसेन m. devasena particle of mUlaprakRti
प्याट् ind. pyAT particle used in calling
किक्नस m. kiknasa particles of ground corn
कम् adverb kam particle of interrogation
खट् adverb khaT a particle of exclamation
स्वर्णकणिका f. svarNakaNikA particle or grain of gold
आह ind. Aha particle implying reproof
किस् ind. kis particle of interrogation
आहोस्वित् ind. Ahosvit an interrogative particle
उत indecl. uta particle expressing doubt
निपातत्व n. nipAtatva state of being a particle
उम् ind. um a particle implying assent
कद् adverb kad a particle of interrogation
ऊम् ind. Um a particle of interrogation
अणुशस् ind. aNuzas into or in minute particles
सहेतिकार adj. sahetikAra followed by the particle iti
सहेतिकरण adj. sahetikaraNa followed by the particle iti
रजस् n. rajas any small particle of matter
अङ्ग ind. aGga a particle implying attention
परमाणु m. paramANu infinitesimal particle or atom
गोरजस् n. gorajas particle of dust on a cow-hair
कद् adverb kad with the particles cana and cid
एकनिपात m. ekanipAta particle which is a single word
श्वस् adverb zvas particle implying auspiciousness
शोस् ind. zos particle of reproach or contempt
अथ ind. atha auspicious and inceptive particle
अलून m. alUna no remnant or remaining particles
उत् ind. ut a particle of doubt or deliberation
वै adverb vai particle of emphasis and affirmation
हन्त ind. hanta an exclamation or inceptive particle
मरीचिगर्भ m. marIcigarbha containing particles of light within
ऊष m. USa soil impregnated with saline particles
लेशिन् adj. lezin containing small portions or particles of
किंशिल adj. kiMzila having small stones or gravelly particles
उररी ind. urarI a particle implying extension or expansion
मकरन्दकणायते verb makarandakaNAyate { makarandakaNAya } be like drops or particles of flower-juice
मरीचिप adj. marIcipa drinking in or absorbing particles of light
षाट् ind. SAT vocative particle or interjection of calling
कथा ind. kathA sometimes merely a particle of interrogation
शर्कराल adj. zarkarAla impregnated with gritty or gravelly particles
स्विद् adverb svid particle of interrogation or inquiry or doubt
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