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अपगम m. apagama parting
विगम m. vigama parting
अतिसर्ग m. atisarga parting
विसर्ग m. visarga parting
विरह m. viraha parting
प्रविश्लेष m. pravizleSa parting
सीमन्तक m. sImantaka hair-parting
सीमन्तक m. sImantaka hair-parting
विसर्गचुम्बन n. visargacumbana parting kiss
सीमन्तयति verb sImantayati { sImantaya } make a parting
उज्जृम्भ adj. ujjRmbha parting asunder
भेद m. bheda parting asunder
भेदित्व n. bheditva parting asunder
भेदन n. bhedana parting asunder
चित्तविश्लेष m. cittavizleSa parting of hearts
सीमा f. sImA parting of the hair
सीमन्त m. sImanta parting of the hair
अतिसर्ग m. atisarga act of parting with
केशवेष्ट m. kezaveSTa parting of the hair
राजि f. rAji line parting the hair
पुटभेद m. puTabheda parting of the eye-lids
उन्नयन n. unnayana or parting the hair upwards
सीमन्तोन्नयन n. sImantonnayana parting or dividing of the hair
सीमन्तकरण n. sImantakaraNa act or ceremony of parting the hair
हनुभेद m. hanubheda gaping or parting asunder of the jaws
विकर्ष m. vikarSa parting or dragging or drawing asunder
आपृच्छते verb ApRcchate { Aprach } salute on receiving or parting with a visitor
सीमन् m. sIman separation or parting of the hair so as to leave a line
आप्रच्छन n. Apracchana expression of civility on receiving or parting with a visitor
आनन्दन n. Anandana courteous treatment of a friend or guest at meeting and parting
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