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भिन्ति m. bhinti partition
विभाजन n. vibhAjana partition
विभाग m. vibhAga partitioning
पृथक् करोति verb pRthak karoti partition off
अपयुयोति verb 3 apayuyoti { apa- yu } partition off
सक्रियखण्ड m. sakriyakhaNDa active partition [computer]
सक्रियविभाग m. sakriyavibhAga active partition [computer]
विभागं करोति verb vibhAgaM karoti partition or split
भित्ति f. bhitti partition
भित्तिका f. bhittikA partition
विभक्ति f. vibhakti partition
भक्ति f. bhakti partition
विधृति f. vidhRti partition
परिच्छित्ति f. paricchitti partition
संविभाग m. saMvibhAga partition
अंश m. aMza partition
भेद m. bheda partition
उद्धारविभाग m. uddhAravibhAga partition
वण्टन n. vaNTana partition
भित्त n. bhitta partition
वटयति verb vaTayati { vaT } partition
वण्डते verb vaNDate { vaND } partition
वण्टति verb 1 vaNTati { vaNT } partition
वण्टयति verb 1 vaNTayati { vaNT } partition
वण्डयति verb 10 vaNDayati { vaND } partition
वटयति verb 10 vaTayati { vaT } partition
वण्टित adj. vaNTita partitioned
विभाजित adj. vibhAjita partitioned
अनुद्धार m. anuddhAra non-partition
अनुद्धार m. anuddhAra non-partition
विभागरेखा f. vibhAgarekhA partition-line
विभागरेखा f. vibhAgarekhA partition-line
विभागरेखा f. vibhAgarekhA partition-line
अन्योन्यविभाग m. anyonyavibhAga mutual partition
विभागपत्त्रिका f. vibhAgapattrikA deed of partition
न्यूनाधिकविभाग m. nyUnAdhikavibhAga unequal partition
विभक्ते ind. vibhakte after the partition
विभाग m. vibhAga partition of patrimony
जिवद्विभाग m. jivadvibhAga partition while living
अविभाज्यता f. avibhAjyatA unfitness for partition
अविभाज्यत्व n. avibhAjyatva unfitness for partition
दायभाग m. dAyabhAga partition of inheritance
चतुष्पद n. catuSpada 4 partitions or divisions
पदिक adj. padika comprising one partition or division
चतुष्पद adj. catuSpada comprising 4 partitions or divisions
विभागेच्छु adj. vibhAgecchu wishing for a partition or distribution
विभक्त adj. vibhakta one who has caused a partition to be made
विभजनीय adj. vibhajanIya to be apportioned or partitioned or distributed or divided
विभक्तज m. vibhaktaja son born after the partition of the family property between his parents and brothers
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