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निराग adj. nirAga passionless
अरङ्गिन् adj. araGgin passionless
विराग adj. virAga passionless
विरक्त adj. virakta passionless
दमन adj. damana passionless
निःसङ्ग adj. niHsaGga passionless
शान्त-वीत-राग adj. zAnta-vIta-rAga passionless
रागहीन adj. rAgahIna passionless
शान्तरजस् adj. zAntarajas dustless or passionless
शीतीभाव m. zItIbhAva growing cold or passionless
संलाप m. saMlApa kind of dialogue in dramatics [passionless , but full of manly sentiments]
निःस्पृहा f. niHspRhA passionless girl unfit for marriage
नासायोनि m. nAsAyoni weak or passionless man who has no desire for cohabitation without smelling the genitals
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