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कान्दविक m. kAndavika pastry cook
पिष्ट m. piSTa pastry
पिष्टक m. piSTaka pastry
पिष्टपात्री f. piSTapAtrI pastry-dish
पिष्टपात्री f. piSTapAtrI pastry-dish
पिष्टपात्री f. piSTapAtrI pastry-dish
पीठ n. pITha pastry maker
वेल्लनी f. vellanI pastry roller
कर्चूटिका f. karcUTikA kind of pastry
लोचिका f. locikA kind of pastry
फेनक m. phenaka kind of pastry
मुक्तामोदक m. muktAmodaka kind of pastry
प्रहेणक n. praheNaka kind of pastry
कर्चरिका f. karcarikA kind of pastry or cake
मण्डक m. maNDaka sort of pastry or baked flour
शृङ्गाटक n. zRGgATaka kind of pastry or minced meat
शाष्कुलिक n. zASkulika quantity of baked cakes or pastry
प्रहेलक n. prahelaka kind of pastry. sweetmeat distributed at a festival
पुट m. puTa any cake or pastry filled with seasoning or stuffing of any kind
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