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पतीयति verb patIyati become strong
पतीय n. patIya being master or mistress
पतीय n. patIya being a master or mistress
पटीयस् adj. paTIyas very able to or fit for
पटीयस् adj. paTIyas more clever
पटीयस् adj. paTIyas sharper
पतीयस् ind. patIyas quickly
पतीयस् ind. patIyas speedily
पतियान adj. patiyAna leading to a husband
पतीयति verb patIyati { patIya } be or become a master
पतीयति verb patIyati wish for a husband
पतीयति verb patIyati { patIya } take as husband
पतीयति verb patIyati accept as a husband
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