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पतङ्ग adj. pataGga any flying insect
पतङ्ग adj. pataGga sun
पतङ्ग adj. pataGga grasshopper
पतङ्ग adj. pataGga flying
पातङ्ग adj. pAtaGga belonging to or peculiar to a grasshopper or moth
पतङ्ग adj. pataGga horse
पतङ्ग adj. pataGga ball for playing with
पातङ्ग adj. pAtaGga brown
पतङ्ग adj. pataGga spark
पतङ्ग adj. pataGga bee
पतङ्ग adj. pataGga species of rice
पतङ्ग adj. pataGga Flier
पतङ्ग adj. pataGga butterfly or moth
पतङ्ग m. pataGga moth
पतङ्ग m. pataGga bird
पतङ्ग m. pataGga sun
पतङ्ग m. pataGga flying thing
पतङ्ग n. pataGga quicksilver
पतङ्ग n. pataGga species of sandal wood
पतङ्गम m. pataGgama bird
पतङ्गम m. pataGgama butterfly or moth
पतङ्गर adj. pataGgara bird-like
पतङ्गवत् ind. pataGgavat like a moth
पतङ्गाश्मन् m. pataGgAzman sun-stone
पतङ्गकान्त m. pataGgakAnta sun-stone
पतङ्गवृत्ति adj. pataGgavRtti behaving like a moth
पतङ्गवृत्ति f. pataGgavRtti manner of the moth i.e. rashness
पतङ्गवृत्ति f. pataGgavRtti temerity
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