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पट्टी f. paTTI band
पट्टी f. paTTI bandage
पट्टिका f. paTTikA bandage
मध्य-पट्टी f. madhya-paTTI central strand [Bot.]
पट्टी f. paTTI horse's food-receptacle
पट्टी f. paTTI species of lodhra
पट्टी f. paTTI town
पट्टी f. paTTI forehead ornament
पत्ति f. patti moving
पत्ति f. patti walking
पत्ति f. patti going
पत्ति f. patti smallest division of an army
पट्टी f. paTTI city
पत्ति m. patti footman
पत्ति m. patti infantry
पत्ति m. patti pedestrian
पत्ति m. patti hero
पत्ति m. patti foot-soldier
पत्तिन् m. pattin footman
पत्तिन् m. pattin foot-soldier
पट्टिन् m. paTTin kind of lodhra
पत्तिक adj. pattika going on foot
पत्तिक adj. pattika pedestrian
पट्टिका f. paTTikA cloth
पट्टिका f. paTTikA plate
पट्टिका f. paTTikA tablet
पट्टिका f. paTTikA fillet
पट्टिका f. paTTikA piece of cloth
पट्टिका f. paTTikA species of lodhra
पट्टिका f. paTTikA ribbon
पट्टिका f. paTTikA wove silk
पट्टिल m. paTTila grey nicker plant [Guilandina Bonduc - Bot.]
पट्टिश m. paTTiza spear with a sharp edge or some other weapon with three points
पट्टिशिन् adj. paTTizin armed with the weapon called paTTiza
पट्टिकार m. paTTikAra silk-weaver
पत्तिकाय m. pattikAya infantry
पत्तिगणक m. pattigaNaka officer whose business is to number or muster the infantry
पात्तिगणक n. pAttigaNaka from pattigaNaka
पट्टिकाख्य m. paTTikAkhya species of tree
पत्तिकर्मन् n. pattikarman business or operations of infantry
पट्टिलोध्र m. paTTilodhra species of lodhra
पत्तिपङ्क्ति f. pattipaGkti line of infantry
पत्तिसैन्य n. pattisainya body or troop of infantry
पत्तिसंहति f. pattisaMhati body or troop of infantry
पट्टिकालोध्र m. paTTikAlodhra species of lodhra
पट्टिकावायक m. paTTikAvAyaka silk-weaver
पट्टिकावायक m. paTTikAvAyaka ribbon-maker
पट्टिलोध्रक m. paTTilodhraka species of lodhra
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