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पावन adj. pAvana holy
पावन adj. pAvana pure
पवन m. pavana wind
वायु-पाव m. vAyu-pAva air filter [automotive]
पावकवृति f. pAvakavRti firewall [computer]
पावकम् दत्ते verb 3 pAvakam datte { dA } set on fire
पावकम् ददाति verb 3 pAvakam dadAti { dA } set on fire
पवा f. pavA purification
पव m. pava marsh
पव m. pava winnowing corn
पाव m. pAva particular wind-instrument
पव m. pava purification
पव m. pava air
पव m. pava wind
पव n. pava cow-dung
पावन् adj. pAvan drinking
पावन् adj. pAvan protecting
पावक adj. pAvaka shining
पावक adj. pAvaka bright
पावक adj. pAvaka pure
पावक adj. pAvaka clear
पवाका f. pavAkA storm
पवाका f. pavAkA whirlwind
पावक m. pAvaka person purified by religious abstraction or one who purified from sin
पावक m. pAvaka false black pepper [Embelia Ribes - Bot.]
पावक m. pAvaka kind of mint herb [Prenmna Spinosa - Bot.]
पावक m. pAvaka fire
पावक m. pAvaka saint
पावक m. pAvaka safflower [Carthamus tinctorius - Bot.]
पावक m. pAvaka fire or the god of fire
पावक m. pAvaka marking nut plant [ Semecarpus Anacardium - Bot. ]
पावक m. pAvaka kind of RSi
पावक m. pAvaka Ceylon Leadwort plant or some other species [Plumbago zeylanica - Bot.]
पावकी f. pAvakI wife of god of fire
पावकि m. pAvaki name of sudarzana
पावकि m. pAvaki name of viSNu
पावकि m. pAvaki son of Fire
पावन adj. pAvana living on wind
पवन adj. pavana clean
पवन adj. pavana pure
पावन adj. pAvana purifying
पावन adj. pAvana purificatory
पावन m. pAvana Ganges or the goddess gaGgA
पवन m. pavana species of grass
पवन m. pavana wind or the god of wind
पावन m. pAvana holy basil
पवन m. pavana or purification
पावन m. pAvana cow
पवन m. pavana purifier
पवन m. pavana householder's sacred fire
पावन m. pAvana species of crownbeard plant with yellow flowers [Verbesina - Bot.]
पवन m. pavana vital air
पावन m. pAvana particular fire on
पवन m. pavana air
पावन m. pAvana siddha
पवन m. pavana regent of the nakSatra svAti and the north-west region
पावन m. pAvana incense
पवन m. pavana breath
पावन m. pAvana fire
पवन m. pavana breeze
पवन n. pavana potter's kiln
पावन n. pAvana purification
पावन n. pAvana crape ginger [Costus speciosus - Bot.]
पावन n. pAvana act or a means of cleansing or purifying
पावन n. pAvana atonement
पवन n. pavana strainer
पवन n. pavana winnowing of corn
पावन n. pAvana sectarial mark
पवन n. pavana blowing
पावन n. pAvana cow-dung
पवन n. pavana water
पावन n. pAvana penance
पावन n. pAvana cleansing
पावन n. pAvana seed of rudraksha tree [Elaeocarpus Ganitrus - Bot.]
पवन n. pavana sieve
पावन n. pAvana sanctification
पवन n. pavana instrument for purifying grain
पावन n. pAvana water
पवनी f. pavanI broom
पवनी f. pavanI wild citron-tree
पावनी f. pAvanI Yellow Myrobalan [Terminalia Chebula - Bot.]
पावर n. pAvara the die or side of a die which is marked with 2 dots or points
पवरु m. pavaru species of pot-herb
पवते verb pavate { pav } go
पवते verb 1 pavate { pU } pass so as to purify
पवते verb 1 pavate { pU } purge
पवते verb 1 pavate { pU } compose
पवते verb 1 pavate { pU } purify in passing or pervading
पवते verb 1 pavate { pU } illume
पवते verb 1 pavate { pU } purify one's self. be or become clear or bright
पवते verb 1 pavate { pU } sift
पवते verb 1 pavate { pU } flow off clearly
पवते verb 1 pavate { pU } discern
पवते verb 1 pavate { pU } expiate
पवते verb 1 pavate { pU } make clean or clear or pure or bright
पवते verb 1 pavate { pU } think of or out
पवते verb 9 pavate { pU } discriminate
पवते verb 9 pavate { pU } clarify
पवते verb 9 pavate { pU } invent
पवते verb 9 pavate { pU } purify
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