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पश्चिमदिशा f. pazcimadizA occident
पश्चिम adj. pazcima being behind
पश्चिम adj. pazcima west
पश्चिम adj. pazcima final
पश्चिम adj. pazcima west of
पश्चिम adj. pazcima western
पश्चिम adj. pazcima hinder
पश्चिम adj. pazcima westerly
पश्चिम adj. pazcima last
पश्चिम adj. pazcima later
पश्चिमतस् ind. pazcimatas from behind
पश्चिमाचल m. pazcimAcala western mountain
पश्चिमजन m. pazcimajana people in the west
पश्चिमार्ध n. pazcimArdha hind-part or latter half
पश्चिमतान n. pazcimatAna particular manner of sitting
पश्चिमभाग m. pazcimabhAga west side
पश्चिमवङ्ग m. pazcimavaGga West Bengal
पश्चिमाम्बुधि m. pazcimAmbudhi western sea
पश्चिमदक्षिण adj. pazcimadakSiNa south-westerly
पश्चिमदर्शन n. pazcimadarzana last look
पश्चिमदिक्पति m. pazcimadikpati regent of the western region [another name of Varuna]
पश्चिमाभिमुख adj. pazcimAbhimukha directed towards the west
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