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पशुसदृश adj. pazusadRza bestial
पशुसदृश adj. pazusadRza beastly
पशुष adj. pazuSa bestowing cattle
पशुषा adj. pazuSA bestowing cattle
पशुषद् adj. pazuSad being or dwelling in cattle
पशुसख m. pazusakha friend of cattle
पशुसाधन adj. pazusAdhana leading or guiding cattle
पशुसङ्ख्य adj. pazusaGkhya counting over cattle
पशुसम्भव adj. pazusambhava produced by animals
पशुसाधनक adj. pazusAdhanaka performed by means of cattle
पशुसमाम्नाय m. pazusamAmnAya enumeration of sacrificial animals
पशुसमाम्नायिक adj. pazusamAmnAyika mentioned in this ch
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