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पैतामह adj. paitAmaha relating to a paternal grandfather
पेट adj. peTa retinue
पेट adj. peTa bag
पेट adj. peTa basket
पेट adj. peTa multitude
पेट m. peTa open hand with the fingers expanded
पेटक adj. peTaka box
पेटक adj. peTaka casket
पेटक adj. peTaka little basket
पेटाक m. peTAka basket
पेटक n. peTaka number
पेटक n. peTaka quantity
पेटक n. peTaka company
पेटक n. peTaka multitude
पेटति verb peTati { piT } sound
पेटति verb peTati { piT } assemble or heap together
पेठति verb peThati { piTh } inflict or feel pain
पैठर adj. paiThara cooked in a saucepan
पैतामह adj. paitAmaha relating to or derived from a grandfather
पैतामह adj. paitAmaha relating to or derived from or presided over by brahmA
पैतामह m. paitAmaha ancestors
पैतामह m. paitAmaha brahmA's son
पैतामह m. paitAmaha forefathers
पैतामह n. paitAmaha lunar mansion called rohiNI
पैठरिक m. paiTharika one who uses a saucepan for making musical sounds
पैतामहक adj. paitAmahaka belonging or relating to a grandfather
पेटकन्दक m. peTakandaka species of bulbous plant
पैतापुत्रीय adj. paitAputrIya relating to father and son
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