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सिद्धि f. siddhi perfection
परिपूर्णता f. paripUrNatA perfection
सम्पन्नता f. sampannatA perfection
यथार्थता f. yathArthatA perfection
परिनिष्पत्ति f. pariniSpatti perfection
गुणसम्पद् f. guNasampad perfection
समापना f. samApanA perfection
अदिति f. aditi perfection
संस्कृति f. saMskRti perfection
सम्पूर्णता f. sampUrNatA perfection
सम्पद् f. sampad perfection
राद्धि f. rAddhi perfection
परिपक्वता f. paripakvatA perfection
प्रतिपूर्ति f. pratipUrti perfection
समृद्धि f. samRddhi perfection
व्युत्पत्ति f. vyutpatti perfection
सम्पद् f. sampad perfection
समाप्ति f. samApti perfection
निष्ठा f. niSThA perfection
संसिद्धि f. saMsiddhi perfection
ऋद्धि f. Rddhi perfection
प्रौढि f. prauDhi perfection
परिपाक m. paripAka perfection
पक्ष m. pakSa perfection
समुदानय m. samudAnaya perfection
साधिमन् m. sAdhiman perfection
पाक m. pAka perfection
साधन n. sAdhana perfection
साध्य n. sAdhya perfection
सांसिद्ध्य n. sAMsiddhya perfection
संयक्त्व n. saMyaktva perfection
सिद्धत्व n. siddhatva perfection
सम्यक्त्व n. samyaktva perfection
पारमिता adj. pAramitA perfection in
शीलपारमिता f. zIlapAramitA perfection zIla
महासिद्धि f. mahAsiddhi great perfection
अतिसिद्धि f. atisiddhi great perfection
आदर्श m. Adarza ideal perfection
सिद्धिप्राय adj. siddhiprAya near to perfection
रूपसमृद्धि f. rUpasamRddhi perfection of form
योगसंसिद्धि f. yogasaMsiddhi perfection in Yoga
सत्यपारमिता f. satyapAramitA perfection in truth
सिद्धिदात्री f. siddhidAtrI giver of perfection
साधनत्व n. sAdhanatva state of perfection
प्रज्ञापारमिता f. prajJApAramitA perfection in wisdom
दानपारमिता f. dAnapAramitA perfection of liberality
ध्यानपारमिता f. dhyAnapAramitA perfection of meditation
सकलसिद्धि adj. sakalasiddhi possessing all perfection
परिपूर्णसत्त्व adj. paripUrNasattva having absolute perfection
सारगन्ध m. sAragandha having perfection of scent
फुल्ति f. phulti full expansion or perfection
दशपारमिताधर m. dazapAramitAdhara possessing the 10 perfections
निष्ठागत adj. niSThAgata gone to or attaining perfection
लब्धसिद्धि adj. labdhasiddhi one who has attained perfection
सिद्धपुरुष m. siddhapuruSa man who has attained perfection
परिपाचयति verb caus. paripAcayati { paripac } bring to maturity or perfection
रूपसम्पद् f. rUpasampad perfection or excellence of form
रूपसम्पत्ति f. rUpasampatti perfection or excellence of form
प्रमोद m. pramoda one of the 8 sAMkhya perfections
शृङ्ग n. zRGga height or perfection of anything
संवर्धते verb saMvardhate { saMvRdh } grow to perfection or completion
समदन्तता f. samadantatA one of the 32 signs of perfection
सिद्धि f. siddhi Success or Perfection personified
ईषदसमाप्ति f. ISadasamApti almost completeness or perfection
सिद्धिविघ्न m. siddhivighna obstacle to success or perfection
वाक्सिद्ध n. vAksiddha supernatural perfection in speech
पचति verb pacati { pac } bring to perfection or completion
पचते verb pacate { pac } bring to perfection or completion
प्रभाकराह्निकी f. prabhAkarAhnikI one of the 10 stages of perfection
धैर्यपारमिता f. dhairyapAramitA highest perfection of perseverance
रम्यक n. ramyaka one of the 8 perfections or siddhis
सुतारा f. sutArA one of the eight kinds of perfection
सिद्धिलाभ m. siddhilAbha acquirement of success or perfection
दुर्गसम्पद् f. durgasampad perfection or excellence of a fortress
सर्वरकुशतमूलपारमिता f. sarvarakuzatamUlapAramitA Perfection of all the sources of merit
महर्द्धि f. maharddhi great prosperity or power or perfection
रससिद्धि f. rasasiddhi perfection attained by means of quicksilver
रससिद्ध adj. rasasiddha brought to perfection by means of quicksilver
वाक्पति m. vAkpati zaiva saint of a particular degree of perfection
प्रमोदमाना f. pramodamAnA rejoicing name of one of the 8 sAMkhya perfections
प्रमोदमान n. pramodamAna rejoicing name of one of the 8 sAMkhya perfections
सिद्धिसाधन n. siddhisAdhana means of obtaining beatitude or perfection or magical power
मैत्र m. maitra Brahman who has arrived at the highest state of human perfection
कादम्बर f.n. kAdambara rain water which collects in hollow places of the tree Kadama tree when the flowers are in perfection [Nauclea Cadamba - Bot.]
सिद्ध m. siddha siddha or semidivine being of great purity and perfection and said to possess the eight supernatural faculties
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