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अनुमत adj. anumata permitted
समनुज्ञान adj. samanujJAna permitted
अनुज्ञात ppp. anujJAta permitted
संवीत adj. saMvIta permitted by
अननुज्ञात adj. ananujJAta not permitted
छत्त्रिन्याय m. chattrinyAya permitted synonym
लभ्यते verb pass. labhyate { labh } be allowed or permitted
श्रुतिगोचर adj. zrutigocara permitted to be heard by
अनुज्ञाप्य adj. anujJApya to be allowed or permitted
लभते verb labhate { labh } be permitted or allowed to
सार्वलौकिक adj. sArvalaukika known by or permitted to every one
पात्रधारण n. pAtradhAraNa keeping a superfluous alms-bowl longer than is permitted
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