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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
वलम्ब m. valamba perpendicular
अवलम्ब m. avalamba perpendicular
अवलम्बक m. avalambaka perpendicular
आलम्ब m. Alamba perpendicular
लम्बक m. lambaka perpendicular
अधोलम्ब m. adholamba perpendicular
लम्ब m. lamba perpendicular entity [Geom.]
समलम्ब adj. samalamba having equal perpendiculars
सन्धि m. sandhi connecting link of a perpendicular
कोटि f. koTi perpendicular side of a right-angled triangle
अन्तर्लम्ब m. antarlamba triangle in which the perpendicular falls within
त्रिपाट m. tripATa intersection of a prolonged side and perpendicular
ऊर्ध्वतिलक n. Urdhvatilaka upright or perpendicular sectarian mark on the forehead
स्वयुति f. svayuti line which joins the extremities of the perpendicular and diagonal
सम्पाट m. sampATa intersection of the prolonged side of a triangle by a perpendicular
पाट m. pATa intersection of a prolonged side and perpendicular or the figure formed by such an intersection