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अजस्र indecl. ajasra perpetually
अनादि ind. anAdi perpetually
अनुक्षणम् ind. anukSaNam perpetually
अभीक्ष्णम् ind. abhIkSNam perpetually
प्रतिकलम् ind. pratikalam perpetually
अत्यन्ताय ind. atyantAya perpetually
नित्यदा ind. nityadA perpetually
सम्मितम् ind. sammitam perpetually
अजस्रम् ind. ajasram perpetually
सानुषक् ind. sAnuSak perpetually
अजस्रेण ind. ajasreNa perpetually
शश्वत् indecl. zazvat perpetually
सदा indecl. sadA perpetually
नित्यशङ्कित adj. nityazaGkita perpetually alarmed
परिशाश्वत adj. parizAzvata perpetually the same
प्रतियच्छति verb pratiyacchati { pratiyam } grant or bestow perpetually
परिचङ्क्रमति verb Intens. paricaGkramati { parikram } move or walk about perpetually
अत्यन्तवासिन् m. atyantavAsin student who perpetually resides with his teacher
पक्त्र n. paktra state of a householder who possesses a sacred fire or that fire perpetually maintained by him
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