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व्यक्तित्व n. vyaktitva personality
व्यक्तिता f. vyaktitA personality
तनुभूमि f. tanubhUmi stage of personality
निष्पुद्गल adj. niSpudgala without soul or personality
निरहङ्क्रिय adj. nirahaGkriya having no personality or individuality
अध्यात्मम् ind. adhyAtmam concerning self or individual personality
निरहङ्कृत adj. nirahaGkRta having no self-consciousness or personality
सत्कायदृष्टि f. satkAyadRSTi view of the existence of a personality or individuality
बहुव्रीहिसमास m. bahuvrIhisamAsa compound in which the qualities take on part of personality of other
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