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पन्था m. panthA path [computer]
पान्थ m. pAntha traveller
शुभाः ते पन्थानः sent. zubhAH te panthAnaH Bon Voyage
पान्त m. pAnta beverage
पान्त m. pAnta drink
पान्थ m. pAntha sun [wanderer in sky]
पान्थ m. pAntha wanderer
फाण्ट adj. phANTa obtained by straining or filtering
फाण्ट adj. phANTa one who does not exert himself or takes things easy
फाण्ट adj. phANTa readily or easily prepared
फाण्ट adj. phANTa made or won by an easy process
फाण्ट m. phANTa decoction
फाण्ट m. phANTa pounded medicinal substances mixed with four parts of hot water and then filtered
फाण्ट m. phANTa infusion
फाण्ट n. phANTa first particles of butter that are produced by churning
पण्ठन् m. paNThan path
पण्ठन् m. paNThan way
पन्थक adj. panthaka produced in or on the way
पन्थति verb 1 10 panthati { panth } go
पन्थति verb 1 10 panthati { panth } move
पान्थत्व n. pAnthatva life of a wanderer
पन्थलिका f. panthalikA narrow way or path
पन्थयति verb 1 10 panthayati { panth } go
पन्थयति verb 1 10 panthayati { panth } move
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