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पलद m. palada straw-giver
पलद m. palada bundles of straw or reeds used for roofing and wainscoting
पलाद m. palAda flesh-eater
पलद m. palada in names of villages
पलाद m. palAda demon
पलद m. palada particular material for building
फलद adj. phalada bringing profit
फलद adj. phalada giving a reward
फलद adj. phalada giving anything as a reward
फलद adj. phalada fruit tree
फलद adj. phalada advantageous
फलद adj. phalada tree
फलद adj. phalada bringing profit or gain
फलद adj. phalada rewarding
फलद adj. phalada yielding or bearing fruit
फलद adj. phalada fruit-giving
पलादन m. palAdana flesh-eater
पलादन m. palAdana demon
फलादन m. phalAdana fruit-eater
फलादन m. phalAdana parrot
फालदती f. phAladatI ploughshare-toothed
फलदातृ adj. phaladAtR giving a result
फलदातृ adj. phaladAtR yielding fruit
फलदातृ adj. phaladAtR fruit-giving
फलदायिन् adj. phaladAyin yielding fruit
फलदायिन् adj. phaladAyin fruit-giving
फलदायिन् adj. phaladAyin giving a result
फलधर्मन् adj. phaladharman having the nature of fruit
फलधर्मन् adj. phaladharman ripening soon and then falling to the ground or perishing
फलदन्तवत् adj. phaladantavat having fruit-teeth or fruit for teeth
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