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पलाद m. palAda demon
पलद m. palada particular material for building
पलद m. palada straw-giver
पलद m. palada bundles of straw or reeds used for roofing and wainscoting
पलाद m. palAda flesh-eater
पलद m. palada in names of villages
फलद adj. phalada bringing profit or gain
फलद adj. phalada rewarding
फलद adj. phalada yielding or bearing fruit
फलद adj. phalada fruit-giving
फलद adj. phalada bringing profit
फलद adj. phalada giving a reward
फलद adj. phalada giving anything as a reward
फलद adj. phalada fruit tree
फलद adj. phalada advantageous
फलद adj. phalada tree
पलादन m. palAdana demon
पलादन m. palAdana flesh-eater
फलादन m. phalAdana fruit-eater
फलादन m. phalAdana parrot
फालदती f. phAladatI ploughshare-toothed
फलदातृ adj. phaladAtR fruit-giving
फलदातृ adj. phaladAtR giving a result
फलदातृ adj. phaladAtR yielding fruit
फलदायिन् adj. phaladAyin giving a result
फलदायिन् adj. phaladAyin yielding fruit
फलदायिन् adj. phaladAyin fruit-giving
फलधर्मन् adj. phaladharman having the nature of fruit
फलधर्मन् adj. phaladharman ripening soon and then falling to the ground or perishing
फलदन्तवत् adj. phaladantavat having fruit-teeth or fruit for teeth
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