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पिच्छ n. piccha feather
पिच्छकन्दुक m. picchakanduka badminton
पिच्चा f. piccA collection or string of 16 pearls weighing a dharaNa
पिच्छा f. picchA row or line
पिच्छा f. picchA calf of the leg
पिच्छा f. picchA scum of boiled rice and of other grain
पिच्छा f. picchA venomous saliva of a snake
पिच्छा f. picchA heap
पिच्छा f. picchA gum of cotton tree [Bombax Heptaphyllum - Bot.]
पिच्छा f. picchA sheath or cover
पिच्छा f. picchA Indian rosewood tree [ Dalbergia Oujeinensis - Bot. ]
पिच्छा f. picchA mass
पिच्छा f. picchA areca-nut
पिच्छा f. picchA slimy saliva
पिच्छा f. picchA diseased affection of a horse's feet
पिच्छा f. picchA multitude
पिच्छा f. picchA armour
पिच्छा f. picchA sort of cuirass
पिच्छ n. piccha tail
पिच्छ n. piccha feathers of an arrow
पिच्छ n. piccha crest
पिच्छ n. piccha wing
पिच्छ n. piccha feather of a tail
पिच्चट adj. piccaTa squeezed
पिच्चट adj. piccaTa pressed flat
पिच्चट m. piccaTa inflammation of the eyes
पिच्चट m. piccaTa ophthalmia
पिच्चट n. piccaTa cake
पिच्चट n. piccaTa substance pressed flat
पिच्चट n. piccaTa tin or lead
पिच्छक n. picchaka a tail-feather
पिच्छल adj. picchala slimy
पिच्छल adj. picchala slippery
पिच्छल adj. picchala smeary
पिच्छन n. picchana pressing flat
पिच्छन n. picchana squeezing
पिच्छति verb 6 picchati { pich } hurt
पिच्छति verb 6 picchati { pich } inflict pain
पिच्चयति verb piccayati { picc } press flat
पिच्चयति verb piccayati { picc } squeeze
पिच्छवत् adj. picchavat having a tail
पिच्छवत् adj. picchavat tailed
पिच्छबाण m. picchabANa hawk
पिच्छबाण m. picchabANa arrow feathered
पिच्छयति verb picchayati { pich } squeeze
पिच्छयति verb picchayati { pich } expand
पिच्छयति verb picchayati { pich } divide
पिच्छयति verb 10 picchayati { pich } press flat
पिच्छङ्ग m. picchaLAGga Gagora catfish [ Pimelodus Gagora - Zoo. ]
पिच्छास्राव m. picchAsrAva slimy saliva
पिच्छलदला f. picchaladalA jujube tree [Zizyphus Jujuba - Bot.]
पिच्छलतिका f. picchalatikA tail-feather
पिच्छकन्दुक n. picchakanduka shuttlecock
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