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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
पितृव्या f. pitRvyA father's brother's wife
पितृव्या f. pitRvyA aunt
पितृव्य m. pitRvya father's brother
पितृव्यज m. pitRvyaja paternal uncle's son
पितृव्यपत्नी f. pitRvyapatnI paternal uncle's wife
पितृव्यपत्नी f. pitRvyapatnI aunt
पितृव्यस्य पुत्र m. pitRvyasya putra cousin
पितृव्यस्य पुत्री f. pitRvyasya putrI cousin
पितृव्या f. pitRvyA paternal aunt
पितृव्य m. pitRvya any elderly male relation
पितृव्य m. pitRvya paternal uncle
पितृव्यपुत्र m. pitRvyaputra cousin
पितृव्यपुत्र m. pitRvyaputra father's brother's son
पितृव्यघातिन् m. pitRvyaghAtin murderer of his father's brother