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पितर m. pitara ancestors [pl.]
पितरौ dual pitarau father and mother [together]
पिठर m. piThara boiler
पीतारक्त adj. pItArakta reddish - yellow
पितरः पुत्राः च expr. pitaraH putrAH ca fathers and sons
न, अहं पितरं सूचयामि sent. na, ahaM pitaraM sUcayAmi No, I am going to tell daddy.
पितरं एकवारं आह्वयतु sent. pitaraM ekavAraM Ahvayatu Call father [to come] once.
पितर m. pitara fathers
पिठर m. piThara addition to a building shaped like a hollow vessel
पिठर m. piThara kind of hut or store-room
पिठर n. piThara root of coco-grass [Cyperus Rotundus - Bot.]
पिठर n. piThara churning stick
पिठर n. piThara pot
पिठर n. piThara pan
पीतराग adj. pItarAga of a yellow colour
पीतराग m. pItarAga yellowness
पीतराग n. pItarAga wax
पीतराग n. pItarAga the fibres of the lotus
पीतरस m. pItarasa whose juice is drunk
पीतरक्त adj. pItarakta orange
पीतरक्त adj. pItarakta yellowish-red
पिठरक adj. piTharaka pan
पिठरक adj. piTharaka pot
पीतरम्भा f. pItarambhA kind of banana
पीतरत्नक m. pItaratnaka species of yellow gem
पिठरपाक m. piTharapAka union of cause and effect by means of heat
पिठरककपाल n. piTharakakapAla fragment of a pot
पिठरककपाल n. piTharakakapAla potsherd
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