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पितुः indecl. pituH of father [father's]
पितुमत् adj. pitumat nourishing
पितु m. pitu drink
पितु m. pitu food
पितु m. pitu nourishment
पितु m. pitu once
पीतु m. pItu sun or fire
पीतु m. pItu chief elephant of a herd
पीतु m. pItu who drinks or dries up
पितु n. pitu juice
पितुः m. pituH from father
पितुकृत् adj. pitukRt providing food
पितुमत् adj. pitumat abounding in or accompanied by meat and drink
पितुभाज् adj. pitubhAj enjoying food
पितुभृत् adj. pitubhRt bringing food
पीतुदारु m. pItudAru kind of tree
पितुषणि adj. pituSaNi bestowing food
पितूयति verb pitUyati { pitUya } desire food
पितुस्तोम m. pitustoma praise of food
पितुःपुत्र m. pituHputra father's son
पितुःष्वसृ pituHSvasR father's sister
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