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ग्रहवर्ष m. grahavarSa planetary year
क्षेत्र n. kSetra planetary orbit
वर्णनाथ m. varNanAtha planetary regent of a caste
ग्रहाधीन adj. grahAdhIna subject to planetary influence
दिक्शूल n. dikzUla any inauspicious planetary conjunction
वीथि f. vIthi particular division of the planetary sphere
अतिवक्रा f. ativakrA one of the eight descriptions of planetary motion
प्लवत्व n. plavatva position of a constellation in the quarter ruled by its planetary regent
माध्यन्दिन m. mAdhyandina name of an astronomical school who fixed the starting-point of planetary movements at noon
दृग्गोल m. dRggola small circle on the axis of the earth within the greater circles of the armillary sphere and accompanying each planetary circle
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