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संरोपित adj. saMropita planted
विरोपित adj. viropita planted
उप्त adj. upta planted
प्ररोपित adj. praropita planted
रोपित adj. ropita planted on
विरोप्यते verb pass. viropyate { viruh } be planted
प्रतिरोपित adj. pratiropita planted again
आरोप्य adj. Aropya to be planted
आरोपणीय adj. AropaNIya to be planted
उपवन n. upavana planted forest
अवापित adj. avApita not sown but planted
रोपणीय adj. ropaNIya to be planted or sown
संनिबद्ध adj. saMnibaddha planted or covered with
विष्टभ m. viSTabha fixed or planted firmly
मूलशाकट n. mUlazAkaTa field planted with root
मूलशाकिन n. mUlazAkina field planted with root
जगत् n. jagat field planted with jambU
दाडिमीवत् adj. dADimIvat planted with pomegranate trees
बिल्वकीया f. bilvakIyA place planted with wood-apple trees [Aegle marmelos - Bot.]
तुलसीवृन्दावन n. tulasIvRndAvana square pedestal planted with tulasI
विरलद्रुम adj. viraladruma consisting of trees planted sparsely
रोप्य adj. ropya to be planted or sown or transplanted
उद्देशपादप m. uddezapAdapa tree planted for a particular purpose
शाकिनी f. zAkinI field or land planted with vegetables or potherbs
जयन्त n. jayanta barley planted at the commencement of the dazaharA and gathered at its close
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