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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
वयम् अक्रीडाम sent. vayam akrIDAma we played
वाद्यते verb caus. vAdyate { vad } be played [a musical instrument, etc.]
एते अक्रीडन् sent. ete akrIDan these (men) played
सङ्क्रीडित adj. saGkrIDita played
विक्रीडित adj. vikrIDita played
लसित adj. lasita played
विलसित adj. vilasita played
वादित adj. vAdita played
ललित adj. lalita played
सः अक्रीद्डत् sent. saH akrIdDat he played
विक्रीडित adj. vikrIDita played with
प्रवेश्य adj. pravezya to be played
नाटयितव्य adj. nATayitavya to be played
वाद्यमान pres. part vAdyamAna being played
क्रीडित adj. krIDita having played
चर m. cara game played with dice
पाल्लवा f. pAllavA game played with twigs
वाद्य adj. vAdya to be sounded or played
भक्ततूर्य n. bhaktatUrya music played during a meal
वैहार्य adj. vaihArya to be played or sported with
गम m. gama game played with dice and men
नृपाभीर n. nRpAbhIra music played at a king's meals
सहपांसुक्रीडित adj. sahapAMsukrIDita one with whom another has played
भवरुद् f. bhavarud drum played at funeral ceremonies
सिन्धुखेल m. sindhukhela played or flowed over by the indus
पण m. paNa thing staked or the sum played for
प्राणद्यूताभिदेवन adj. prANadyUtAbhidevana played or fought with life as a stake
शालभञ्जिका f. zAlabhaJjikA kind of game played in the east of India
वाद्यते verb caus. vAdyate { vad } cause a musical instrument to be played by
वादयति verb caus. vAdayati { vad } cause a musical instrument to be played by
नन्दितूर्य n. nanditUrya musical instrument played on joyful occasions
परिवाद m. parivAda instrument with which the Indian lute is played
सहपांसुकिल m. sahapAMsukila one who has played with another in the dust or sand
जलवाद्य n. jalavAdya kind of musical instrument played by means of water
चुञ्चुरी f. cuJcurI kind of game played with tamarind seeds instead of dice
यवचतुर्थी f. yavacaturthI sort of game played on the 4th day in the light half of the month vaizAkha
जलतरङ्गिणी f. jalataraGgiNI series of cups filled with water in varying quantities and played on as a musical instrument by striking them successively with