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निर्देशनसाधन n. nirdezanasAdhana pointing device [computer]
निदर्शन adj. nidarzana pointing to
सूचक adj. sUcaka pointing to
आक्षेपक adj. AkSepaka pointing to
आक्षेप m. AkSepa pointing to
सूच adj. sUca pointing out
सूचन adj. sUcana pointing out
सूचक adj. sUcaka pointing out
निदेशिन् adj. nidezin pointing out
सन्दर्शयितृ adj. sandarzayitR pointing out
औद्देशिक adj. auddezika pointing out
प्रदर्शिन् adj. pradarzin pointing out
दर्शक adj. darzaka pointing out
निर्देशक adj. nirdezaka pointing out
अनुसूचक adj. anusUcaka pointing out
देशक adj. dezaka pointing out
उद्देष्टृ adj. uddeSTR pointing out
सूचा f. sUcA pointing out
सूचना f. sUcanA pointing out
अपदेश m. apadeza pointing out
निर्देश m. nirdeza pointing out
प्रदेश m. pradeza pointing out
अनुसूचन n. anusUcana pointing out
प्रदर्शन n. pradarzana pointing out
अभिप्रदर्शन n. abhipradarzana pointing out
उपप्रदर्शण n. upapradarzaNa pointing out
अनुदेशिन् adj. anudezin pointing back
उपदिश् adj. upadiz pointing out to
उपदेश m. upadeza pointing out to
उद्देश m. uddeza the pointing at
उद्देशिन् adj. uddezin pointing at or to
उद्देश्यक adj. uddezyaka pointing at or to
प्रदिश् f. pradiz pointing to or out
उपप्रदर्शन n. upapradarzana act of pointing out
नामनिर्देश m. nAmanirdeza pointing out by name
मार्ग m. mArga pointing out the way
कालदूत m. kAladUta omen pointing to death
परामर्शिन् adj. parAmarzin pointing or referring to
उद्देश m. uddeza act of pointing to or at
उद्देशन n. uddezana act of pointing to or at
प्रतिनिर्देशक adj. pratinirdezaka pointing or referring back
उदग्र adj. udagra towering or pointing upwards
गुणवादिन् adj. guNavAdin pointing out any one's merits
परामर्श m. parAmarza referring or pointing touched
अव्यपदेश m. avyapadeza no designation or pointing to
गुणन n. guNana pointing out merits or virtues
अप्रादेशिक adj. aprAdezika not pointing to or suggestive of
अर्थाभिप्रापण n. arthAbhiprApaNa obtaining or pointing out the sense
व्यतिरेचन n. vyatirecana pointing out a contrast or difference
गन्धन n. gandhana pointing out or alluding to the faults of others
अनुदेश m. anudeza rule or injunction pointing back to a previous rule
सिद्धि f. siddhi pointing out in the same person of various good qualities
अनुदेश m. anudeza pointing back, a rule which refers back to a previous rule [request]