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प्रणत adj. praNata humble
प्रणत adj. praNata submissive to
प्रणत adj. praNata bent towards
प्रणत adj. praNata inclined
प्रणत adj. praNata bowed
प्रणत adj. praNata offered respectfully
प्रणत adj. praNata bowed to
प्रणत adj. praNata saluted reverentially
प्रणत adj. praNata particular kind of accentuation
प्रणत adj. praNata clever
प्रणत adj. praNata skilful
प्रणत adj. praNata bent forwards
प्राणथ adj. prANatha strong
प्राणथ m. prANatha breathing
प्राणथ m. prANatha wind
प्राणथ m. prANatha lord of all living beings
प्राणथ m. prANatha respiration
प्राणथ m. prANatha sacred bathing-place
प्राणथ m. prANatha air
प्रणतवत् adj. praNatavat bent
प्रणतवत् adj. praNatavat bowed
प्रणतवत् adj. praNatavat bowing
प्रणतकाय adj. praNatakAya having the body bent down
प्रणतशिरस् adj. praNataziras having the head bowed
प्रणतशिरस् adj. praNataziras inclined
प्रणतशिरस् adj. praNataziras stooping
प्रणतात्मवत् adj. praNatAtmavat inclined
प्रणतात्मवत् adj. praNatAtmavat stooping
प्रणतात्मवत् adj. praNatAtmavat having one's person bowed
प्रणतबहुफल adj. praNatabahuphala one to whom various fruits or good things are offered
प्रणताशेषसामन्त praNatAzeSasAmanta one to whom all his neighbours bow or are submissive
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