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प्रभात n. prabhAta break of day
प्रभात n. prabhAta dawn
प्रभातम् ind. prabhAtam in the morning
प्रभातम् ppp. prabhAtam daybreak
आगामि-प्रभातए phrase AgAmi-prabhAtae next morning
प्रभात adj. prabhAta begun to become clear or light
प्रभात adj. prabhAta shone forth
प्रभात n. prabhAta morning
प्रभात n. prabhAta daybreak
प्रभातकाल m. prabhAtakAla early morning
प्रभातकाल m. prabhAtakAla time of daybreak
प्रभातरल adj. prabhAtarala flashing
प्रभातरल adj. prabhAtarala tremulously radiant
प्रभाततारा f. prabhAtatArA morning star
प्रभातकल्प adj. prabhAtakalpa nearly become light
प्रभातकल्प adj. prabhAtakalpa approaching dawn
प्रभातकरणीय n. prabhAtakaraNIya morning rite or ceremony
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