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प्रज्ञ adj. prajJa wise
प्राज्ञ adj. prAjJa wise
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA intelligence
प्राज्ञ m. prAjJa learned man
प्रज्ञाकल्प m. prajJAkalpa artificial intelligence (AI) [computer]
प्रज्ञ adj. prajJa conversant with
प्राज्ञ adj. prAjJa intellectual
प्रज्ञ adj. prajJa knowing
प्राज्ञ adj. prAjJa intelligent
प्राज्ञ adj. prAjJa clever
प्रज्ञ adj. prajJa prudent
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA clever or sensible woman
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA awareness
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA discrimination
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA mentality
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA Wisdom personified as the goddess of arts and eloquence [i.e. SarasvatI]
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA knowledge
प्राज्ञा f. prAjJA understanding
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA judgement
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA particular zakti or energy
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA mental attitude
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA device
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA true or transcendental wisdom
प्राज्ञा f. prAjJA intelligence
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA mental disposition
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA understanding
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA design
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA insight
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA wisdom
प्रज्ञा f. prajJA outlook
प्राज्ञ m. prAjJa kind of parrot with red stripes on the neck and wings
प्राज्ञ m. prAjJa wise or learned man
प्राज्ञ m. prAjJa wise man
प्राज्ञ m. prAjJa intelligence dependent on individuality
प्रज्ञाल adj. prajJAla prudent
प्रज्ञाल adj. prajJAla wise
प्रज्ञान adj. prajJAna easily known
प्रज्ञान adj. prajJAna wise
प्रज्ञान adj. prajJAna prudent
प्रज्ञान n. prajJAna token of recognition
प्रज्ञान n. prajJAna wisdom
प्रज्ञान n. prajJAna intelligence
प्रज्ञान n. prajJAna any mark or sign or characteristic
प्रज्ञान n. prajJAna memorial
प्रज्ञान n. prajJAna discrimination
प्रज्ञान n. prajJAna monument
प्रज्ञान n. prajJAna distinctive mark
प्रज्ञान n. prajJAna knowledge
प्रज्ञात adj. prajJAta known
प्रज्ञात adj. prajJAta understood
प्रज्ञात adj. prajJAta discerned
प्रज्ञात adj. prajJAta known as
प्रज्ञात adj. prajJAta well-known
प्रज्ञात adj. prajJAta found out
प्रज्ञात adj. prajJAta notorious
प्रज्ञात adj. prajJAta public
प्रज्ञात adj. prajJAta common
प्राज्ञता f. prAjJatA learning
प्राज्ञता f. prAjJatA wisdom
प्राज्ञता f. prAjJatA intelligence
प्रज्ञता f. prajJatA knowledge
प्रज्ञाति f. prajJAti knowing the way to or the right way
प्रज्ञातृ m. prajJAtR conductor
प्रज्ञातृ m. prajJAtR guide
प्रज्ञातृ m. prajJAtR one who knows the way
प्रजानाति verb prajAnAti { prajJA } be acquainted with
प्रजानाति verb prajAnAti { prajJA } find out
प्रजानाति verb prajAnAti { prajJA } discover
प्रजानाति verb prajAnAti { prajJA } perceive
प्रजानाति verb prajAnAti { prajJA } distinguish
प्रजानाति verb prajAnAti { prajJA } learn
प्रज्ञप्त adj. prajJapta arranged
प्रज्ञप्त adj. prajJapta ordered
प्रज्ञप्त adj. prajJapta prescribed
प्रज्ञप्ति f. prajJapti arrangement
प्रज्ञप्ति f. prajJapti information
प्रज्ञप्ति f. prajJapti engagement
प्रज्ञप्ति f. prajJapti instruction
प्रज्ञप्ति f. prajJapti particular magical art personified as one of the vidyAdevIs
प्रज्ञप्ति f. prajJapti appointment
प्रज्ञप्ति f. prajJapti teaching
प्रज्ञप्ति f. prajJapti agreement
प्राज्ञतम् adj. prAjJatam ablest
प्राज्ञत्व n. prAjJatva learning
प्राज्ञत्व n. prAjJatva wisdom
प्राज्ञत्व n. prAjJatva intelligence
प्रज्ञावत् adj. prajJAvat intelligent
प्रज्ञावत् adj. prajJAvat knowing
प्रज्ञावत् adj. prajJAvat shrewd
प्रज्ञावत् adj. prajJAvat wise
प्रज्ञादेव m. prajJAdeva god of wisdom
प्रज्ञाढ्य m. prajJADhya rich in wisdom
प्रज्ञाहीन adj. prajJAhIna silly
प्रज्ञाहीन adj. prajJAhIna unwise
प्रज्ञाहीन adj. prajJAhIna destitute of wisdom
प्रज्ञाहीन adj. prajJAhIna ignorant
प्रज्ञाहीन m. prajJAhIna fool
प्राज्ञमान m. prAjJamAna respect for learned men
प्रज्ञामय adj. prajJAmaya made or consisting of wisdom or understanding
प्रज्ञापन n. prajJApana assertion
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