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प्रकार m. prakAra type
प्रकर m. prakara cluster
प्रकार m. prakAra variety
प्रकार m. prakAra sort
प्रकार m. prakAra form
प्रकार m. prakAra mode
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa article
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa treatise
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa passage
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa section
प्राकारावृत adj. prAkArAvRta circumvallate [surrounded by rampart]
प्राकारावरण n. prAkArAvaraNa circumvallation
प्रकारपरीक्षा f. prakAraparIkSA type checking [computer]
आचरण-प्रकार m. AcaraNa-prakAra behaviour pattern
प्रकारनियमन n. prakAraniyamana typing [computer]
अस्मिन् एव प्रकरणे phrase asmin eva prakaraNe on this occasion
प्रकर adj. prakara doing much or well
प्रकर m. prakara multitude
प्रकर m. prakara friendship
प्रकार m. prakAra species
प्रकर m. prakara episodical interlude inserted in a drama to explain what follows
प्राकार m. prAkAra fence
प्रकर m. prakara quantity
प्रकर m. prakara usage
प्रकार m. prakAra similitude or difference
प्रकर m. prakara theatrical dress or disguise
प्रकार m. prakAra manner
प्रकर m. prakara plenty
प्रकर m. prakara custom
प्राकार m. prAkAra boundary wall
प्रकर m. prakara scattered heap
प्राकार m. prAkAra wall
प्रकार m. prakAra kind [manner]
प्रकार m. prakAra nature
प्रकर m. prakara nosegay
प्रकर m. prakara respect
प्रकर m. prakara heap
प्राकार m. prAkAra rampart
प्रकर m. prakara aid
प्रकार m. prakAra way
प्रकार m. prakAra class
प्रकर m. prakara seduction
प्राकार m. prAkAra enclosure
प्रकर n. prakara aloe wood
प्रकर n. prakara Agallochum or agarwood [aromatic resin embedded wood]
प्रकाराः m. pl. prakArAH types
प्रखर adj. prakhara very hard or rough
प्रखर adj. prakhara keen
प्रखर adj. prakhara very hot or acrid
प्रखर adj. prakhara scorching
प्रखर m. prakhara iron armour for the defence of a horse or elephant
प्रखर m. prakhara mule
प्रखर m. prakhara dog
प्रकारैः ind. prakAraiH in one way or another
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa book
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa subject
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa typical performance
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa treatment
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa topic
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa monograph
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa doing much or well
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa opportunity
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa chapter [introduction]
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa explanation
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa kind of drama with a fictitious plot
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa occasion
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa discussion
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa occasion
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa matter
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa treating with respect
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa production
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa question
प्रकरणी f. prakaraNI drama of the same character as the prakaraNa but of less extent
प्रकारता f. prakAratA speciality
प्राकाराग्र n. prAkArAgra top of a wall
प्रकारवत् adj. prakAravat belonging to a species
प्राकरणिक adj. prAkaraNika being the subject of any statement
प्राकरणिक adj. prAkaraNika belonging to the matter in question or to a chapter or to a class or genus
प्रकरणिका f. prakaraNikA above
प्रकरणिका f. prakaraNikA drama of the same character as the prakaraNa but of less extent
प्राकारस्थ adj. prAkArastha one who stands or is stationed upon a rampart
प्रकारयति verb caus. prakArayati { prakR } cause to be made or prepared
प्राकारशेष adj. prAkArazeSa having only ramparts left
प्राकारकर्ण m. prAkArakarNa Wall-Ear
प्रकरणतस् ind. prakaraNatas occasionally
प्रकरणशस् indecl. prakaraNazas according to species or kind [opp. to pRthak-tvena]
प्राकारखण्ड m. prAkArakhaNDa fragments of a wall
प्राकारमर्दिन् m. prAkAramardin wall-crusher
प्रकरणसम m. prakaraNasama kind of sophism
प्रकरणसम m. prakaraNasama assertion by two opponents of some argument which has the same force of argument pro and con
प्राकारधरणी f. prAkAradharaNI platform upon a wall
प्राकारभञ्जन adj. prAkArabhaJjana breaking down walls
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