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प्रकीर्णक adj. prakIrNaka scattered
प्रकीर्णक adj. prakIrNaka containing various things
प्रकीर्णक adj. prakIrNaka dispersed
प्रकीर्णक adj. prakIrNaka mixed
प्रकीर्णक adj. prakIrNaka occurring singly or in single instances
प्रकीर्णक m. prakIrNaka horse
प्रकीर्णक m. prakIrNaka chowrie
प्रकीर्णक m. prakIrNaka tuft of hair used as an ornament for horses
प्रकीर्णक n. prakIrNaka length
प्रकीर्णक n. prakIrNaka section or division of a book
प्रकीर्णक n. prakIrNaka miscellany
प्रकीर्णक n. prakIrNaka any collection of heterogeneous objects
प्रकीर्णक n. prakIrNaka extent
प्रकीर्णक n. prakIrNaka case not provided for by the zAstras and to be decided by the judge or king
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