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प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa excellency
प्रकर्षति verb 1 prakarSati { pra- kRS } head [mil.]
प्रकर्षति verb 1 prakarSati { pra- kRS } lead [mil.]
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa eminently
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa pre-eminence
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa superiority
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa duration
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa intensely
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa excellence
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa absoluteness
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa thoroughly
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa excess
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa definitiveness
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa in a high degree
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa high degree
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa greatness
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa effect of the prefix pra upon roots
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa intensity
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa length of time
प्रकर्षात् ind. prakarSAt thoroughly
प्रकर्षात् ind. prakarSAt eminently
प्रकर्षात् ind. prakarSAt in a high degree
प्रकर्षात् ind. prakarSAt intensely
प्रकर्षक m. prakarSaka harasser
प्रकर्षक m. prakarSaka disquieter
प्रकर्षण m. prakarSaNa one who distracts or troubles
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa length
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa superiority
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa drawing furrows
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa act of harassing or disquieting
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa duration
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa ploughing
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa advancing
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa excellence
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa pushing forth
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa bridle or whip
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa extension
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa realizing by the use of a pledge more than the interest of the money lent upon it
प्रकर्षण n. prakarSaNa drawing away
प्रकर्षति verb prakarSati { prakRS } distract
प्रकर्षति verb prakarSati { prakRS } drag along or away
प्रकर्षति verb prakarSati { prakRS } trouble
प्रकर्षति verb prakarSati { prakRS } push off
प्रकर्षति verb prakarSati { prakRS } disturb
प्रकर्षति verb prakarSati { prakRS } remove from
प्रकर्षति verb prakarSati { prakRS } draw or bend
प्रकर्षति verb prakarSati { prakRS } draw or stretch forth
प्रकर्षवत् adj. prakarSavat excelling by or in
प्रकर्षवत् adj. prakarSavat pre-eminent
प्रकर्षणीय adj. prakarSaNIya to be dragged away or moved along
प्रकर्षयति verb caus. prakarSayati { prakRS } cause to be ploughed
प्रकर्षगमन n. prakarSagamana departure
प्रकर्षगमन n. prakarSagamana going absolutely or finally
प्रकर्षतन्त्र adj. prakarSatantra dependent on excellence or superior strength
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