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प्रमुख adj. pramukha eye-catching
प्रमुख adj. pramukha noticeable
प्रमुख m. pramukha leader
प्रमुख m. pramukha chief
प्रमुख adj. pramukha having as foremost or chief
प्रमुख adj. pramukha most excellent
प्रमुख adj. pramukha principal
प्रमुख adj. pramukha headed or preceded by
प्रमुख adj. pramukha facing
प्रमुख adj. pramukha respectable
प्रमुख adj. pramukha accompanied by or with
प्रमुख adj. pramukha first
प्रमुख adj. pramukha honourable
प्रमुख adj. pramukha turning the face towards
प्रमुख adj. pramukha foremost
प्रमुख m. pramukha heap
प्रमुख m. pramukha multitude
प्रमुख m. pramukha red kamala plant [Mallotus philippensis - Bot.]
प्रमुख m. pramukha respectable man
प्रमुख m. pramukha sage
प्रमुख n. pramukha present
प्रमुख n. pramukha same time
प्रमुख n. pramukha commencement
प्रमुख n. pramukha time being
प्रमुख n. pramukha mouth
प्रमुख n. pramukha to cause to go before or precede
प्रमुख n. pramukha before
प्रमुख n. pramukha opposite to
प्रमुख n. pramukha in front of
प्रमुख n. pramukha before the face of
प्रमुखता f. pramukhatA superiority
प्रमुखता f. pramukhatA predominance
प्रमुखतः postp. pramukhataH before
प्रमुखतः postp. pramukhataH in front of
प्रमुखतस् ind. pramukhatas before the face of
प्रमुखतस् ind. pramukhatas first
प्रमुखतस् ind. pramukhatas at the head of
प्रमुखतस् ind. pramukhatas in front of
प्रमुखतस् ind. pramukhatas before
प्रमुखतस् ind. pramukhatas in the first place
प्रमुखतस् ind. pramukhatas before all others
प्रमुखतस् ind. pramukhatas opposite to
प्रमुखत्व n. pramukhatva predominance
प्रमुखत्व n. pramukhatva superiority
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