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प्रसह्य adj. prasahya capable of being conquered or resisted
प्रसह्य adj. prasahya to be conquered or resisted
प्रसह्य adverb prasahya exceedingly
प्रसह्य adverb prasahya very much
प्रसह्य adverb prasahya perforce
प्रसह्य adverb prasahya absolutely
प्रसह्य adverb prasahya necessarily
प्रसह्य adverb prasahya violently
प्रसह्य ind. prasahya using force
प्रसह्य ind. prasahya without more ado
प्रसह्य ind. prasahya forcibly
प्रसह्य ind. prasahya having conquered or won
प्रसह्य ind. prasahya at once
प्रसह्य ind. prasahya by all means
प्रसह्याढा f. prasahyADhA married by force
प्रसह्यचौर m. prasahyacaura plunderer
प्रसह्यचौर m. prasahyacaura robber
प्रसह्यचौर m. prasahyacaura violent thief
प्रसह्यकारिन् adj. prasahyakArin acting with violence
प्रसह्यहरण n. prasahyaharaNa forcible abduction
प्रसह्यहरण n. prasahyaharaNa plundering
प्रसह्यहरण n. prasahyaharaNa robbing
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