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प्रतिदृश् adj. pratidRz teach
प्रतिदृश् adj. pratidRz like
प्रतिदृश् adj. pratidRz to become visible
प्रतिदृश् adj. pratidRz perceive
प्रतिदृश् adj. pratidRz to cause to see
प्रतिदृश् adj. pratidRz appear
प्रतिदृश् adj. pratidRz show
प्रतिदृश् adj. pratidRz to look at
प्रतिदृश् adj. pratidRz appear as
प्रतिदृश् adj. pratidRz similar
प्रतिदृश् adj. pratidRz behold
प्रतिद्रुह् m. pratidruh one who seeks to injure in return
प्रतिदृष्ट adj. pratidRSTa celebrated
प्रतिदृष्ट adj. pratidRSTa conspicuous
प्रतिदृष्ट adj. pratidRSTa famous
प्रतिदृष्ट adj. pratidRSTa visible
प्रतिदृष्ट adj. pratidRSTa beheld
प्रतिदृशम् ind. pratidRzam in or for every eye
प्रतिद्रव्य n. pratidravya antibody
प्रतिदृशते verb pratidRzate notice
प्रतिद्रवति verb pratidravati { pratidru } run towards
प्रतिधर्षति verb pratidharSati { pratidhRS } defy
प्रतिधर्षति verb pratidharSati { pratidhRS } be bold against
प्रतिधर्षति verb pratidharSati { pratidhRS } brave
प्रतिदृष्टान्त m. pratidRSTAnta counter example
प्रतिधारयते verb pratidhArayate { pratidhR } keep erect
प्रतिधारयते verb pratidhArayate { pratidhR } support
प्रतिधारयते verb pratidhArayate { pratidhR } keep back
प्रतिधारयते verb pratidhArayate { pratidhR } stop
प्रतिधारयते verb pratidhArayate { pratidhR } check
प्रतिधारयति verb pratidhArayati { pratidhR } keep erect
प्रतिधारयति verb pratidhArayati { pratidhR } support
प्रतिधारयति verb pratidhArayati { pratidhR } keep back
प्रतिधारयति verb pratidhArayati { pratidhR } stop
प्रतिधारयति verb pratidhArayati { pratidhR } check
प्रतिदृष्टान्तसम m. pratidRSTAntasama irrelevant objection by adducing a counter example which ignores the opponent's example
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