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प्रातिपान adj. prAtipAna containing water to drink
प्रतिपण m. pratipaNa stake of an adversary at play
प्रतिपाण m. pratipANa counter-game
प्रतिपण m. pratipaNa exchange
प्रतिपाण m. pratipANa anything staked against another thing
प्रतिपाण m. pratipANa counter-pledge
प्रतिपाण m. pratipANa ready to exchange
प्रतिपण m. pratipaNa barter
प्रतिपाण m. pratipANa counter-stake
प्रतिपाण m. pratipANa revenge at play
प्रतिपाण m. pratipANa bartering
प्रतीपान n. pratIpAna drinking
प्रतिपान n. pratipAna water for drinking
प्रतिपान n. pratipAna drinking
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