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प्रतिफल n. pratiphala consideration [in consideration of = as compensation for]
प्रतिफलं ददाति verb 3 pratiphalaM dadAti { dA } reward
प्रतिफलं ददाति verb 3 pratiphalaM dadAti { dA } award
प्रतिफलं ददाति verb 3 pratiphalaM dadAti { dA } remunerate
प्रतिपलम् ind. pratipalam every moment
प्रतिफल m. pratiphala shadow
प्रतिफल m. pratiphala reflection
प्रतिफल n. pratiphala image
प्रतिपालक adj. pratipAlaka protector
प्रतिपालक adj. pratipAlaka protecting preserving
प्रतिपालन n. pratipAlana guarding
प्रतिपालन n. pratipAlana waiting
प्रतिपालन n. pratipAlana keeping
प्रतिपालन n. pratipAlana maintaining
प्रतिपालन n. pratipAlana cherishing
प्रतिपालन n. pratipAlana observing
प्रतिपालन n. pratipAlana expecting
प्रतिपालन n. pratipAlana protecting
प्रतिफलन n. pratiphalana return
प्रतिफलन n. pratiphalana image
प्रतिफलन n. pratiphalana shadow
प्रतिफलन n. pratiphalana reflection
प्रतिफलन n. pratiphalana requital
प्रतिफलन n. pratiphalana retaliation
प्रतिफलति verb pratiphalati { pratiphal } be reflected
प्रतिफलति verb pratiphalati { pratiphal } requite
प्रतिफलति verb pratiphalati { pratiphal } bound against
प्रतिफलति verb pratiphalati { pratiphal } rebound
प्रतिपालनीय adj. pratipAlanIya to be guarded or watched or waited for
प्रतिपालयति verb pratipAlayati { pratipAl } defend
प्रतिपालयति verb pratipAlayati { pratipAl } wait for
प्रतिपालयति verb pratipAlayati { pratipAl } guard
प्रतिपालयति verb pratipAlayati { pratipAl } expect
प्रतिपालयति verb pratipAlayati { pratipAl } keep
प्रतिपालयति verb pratipAlayati { pratipAl } observe
प्रतिपालयति verb pratipAlayati { pratipAl } protect
प्रतिपालयति verb pratipAlayati { pratipAl } maintain
प्रतिपालयति verb t. 10 pratipAlayati { prati- pAl } abide [wait for]
स्पर्शसञ्चारिन् verb 10 Pa sparzasaJcArin { prati- pAl } wait
प्रतिपालयितव्य adj. pratipAlayitavya to be guarded or watched or waited for
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