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प्रत्यनीक adj. pratyanIka equal
प्रत्यनीक adj. pratyanIka opposed
प्रत्यनीक adj. pratyanIka opposite
प्रत्यनीक adj. pratyanIka resisting
प्रत्यनीक adj. pratyanIka hostile
प्रत्यनीक adj. pratyanIka withstanding
प्रत्यनीक adj. pratyanIka vying with
प्रत्यनीक adj. + gen. pratyanIka injuring
प्रत्यानीक m. pratyAnIka particular personification
प्रत्यनीक m. pratyanIka adversary
प्रत्यनीक m. pratyanIka enemy
प्रत्यनीक n. pratyanIka hostile army
प्रत्यनीक n. pratyanIka injuring the relatives of an enemy who cannot be injured himself
प्रत्यनीक n. pratyanIka hostile relation
प्रत्यनीक n. pratyanIka hostility
प्रत्यनीक n. pratyanIka rivalry
प्रत्यनीक n. pratyanIka hostility position
प्रत्यनीक n. pratyanIka enmity
प्रत्यनीक n. pratyanIka injuring one who cannot retaliate
प्रत्यनीकत्व n. pratyanIkatva hostility
प्रत्यनीकत्व n. pratyanIkatva state of an enemy
प्रत्यनीकभाव m. pratyanIkabhAva being the contrary
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