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प्रवीर adj. pravIra preceding or surpassing heroes
प्रवीर m. pravIra hero
प्रविर m. pravira yellow sandal
प्रवीर m. pravIra prince
प्रवीर m. pravIra chief among
प्रवीर m. pravIra person excellent or distinguished by
प्रविरल adj. pravirala isolated
प्रविरल adj. pravirala separated by a considerable interval
प्रविरल adj. pravirala very rare or scanty
प्रविरल adj. pravirala few
प्रविरत adj. pravirata one who has desisted from
प्रवीरबाहु m. pravIrabAhu strong-armed
प्रवीरवर m. pravIravara best of heroes
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